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ship models

Aeropiccola was the first company to introduce old wood ship model kits on the Italian market. Their patented wood fibre castings replace photo-etched brass castings supplied by other manufacturers. These take some detailing, but the end result is well worth the effort. Their plans are excellent and clear which takes any guess work out of the project. They also indicate preferred paint colors. The tallow in our paint sets should be used where they indicate "ivory white" for the hull bottom. For most of the "yellow" we think you will find the "carving gilt gold supplied" quite accurate. Ignore references to contact cements and glues. Any hobby CA glue such as EZ Bond and Elmer's or Titebond wood glue will quite successfully complete any kit.

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MODEL SHIP Bragozzo is the name of a very popular fishing boat used along the Adriatic coasts from the end of the 1700's to the beginning of 1900's. The boat had it's origins in the fishing village of Chioggia near Venice. It was then extended to other Adriatic coasts and modified according to local requirements. It had a very shallow draft and fairly flay bottom with a rudder which extended over a meter deep, but could be raised so that the boat could get into shallow water in case of a storm.

The kit is single plank-on-bulkhead and includes all necessary laser cut bulkheads, wood planking, wood and metal fittings, sail cloth, rigging line, etc. Also included are detailed assembly plans, instructions, and the base board and pedestal shown in the pictures.

Entry Level #ae610

Length 49cm (19.28") / Width 10cm (3.94") / Height 47.5cm (18.7")

List Price....$119.99....Our Price....$84.99

Paint set....$17.99
Includes 9 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 1ea. Primer, black, yellow, gold, flesh, light blue, green, red and clear protective coat.

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s-ae502.jpg - 8849 Bytes The Essex was built in 1799 at Salem, Massachusetts by the famous shipbuilder Enos Briggs from a design by W. Hackett.
At that time Essex was already a modern, fast and powerful ship, entirely different from other American frigates built previously.
It's streamlined prow does not entirely match with the stern which is obviously in the Victorian style. The fore-deck and the quarter deck are two separate structures, accessible by foot walks along the side boards, but not level with the two decks.
As a whole, the frigate could have looked like any other frigate engaged in the revolution, but with heavier armament, guns on its fore-deck and a much thinner shape.
Essex distinguished herself winning many battles against the British Navy who subsequently captured her in the harbor at Valparaiso, Chile in 1814. After a quick transformation which brought her guns down to 46, they used her as a rank ship. This is how the ship is reproduced in Aeropiccola's kit.

Aeropiccola's kit is plank-on-bulkhead construction. If the modeler wishes to finish the model in natural wood, sufficient walnut strips are included for a second layer of planking. Bulkheads are laser cut. Some parts must be cut from outlines using a fret saw or jewelers saw. Numerous copper, white metal, wood and brass fittings are included, including all armament. Also included are Aeropiccola's patented wood fibre parts including life boat, stern fittings, etc.Sail cloth is included as well as a stand (as the one pictured on the H.M.S. Swift. Complete instructions and a full set of plans should make this kit a pleasure to build.

Advanced Level #AE502

Length overall 109cm (42.91") Width 35cm (13.78") Height 74cm (29.13")

List Price.....$499.00.....Our Price.....$349.99

Paint Set....$24.49
Includes 12 Bottles Model Shipways Acrylic Paints: 2ea. Primer, Black, copper, 1ea. Gold Trim, White, Bulwarks Red, True Blue, and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat.

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Historical information about this ship is very scarce in spite of deep research work based on ancient prints, books of the time and visits to museums. Anyway, the ship was built in France at the request of a nobleman, A.L. de Rouille, inspired by the famous corsair xebecs dominating the Northafrican coasts and raiding the French coasts with consequent destruction and death. The choice was the result of studies of the armed xebecs, some of them having even fought successfully against British ships. The practical results must have been satisfactory to the naval authorities of the time, as seven similar ships were built after her. The model reflects the results of research done to obtain as much information as possible about the ship.

As with most of Aeropicolla's kits,double plank-on-bulkhead construction is possible with the materials supplied, or you can opt to paint the model after the first layer. Most parts are laser cut, and everything needed including all fittings, brass cannon etc. are included. The plans and instruction are excellent. Base board and pedestals show in the pictures are NOT included in the kit.

Itermediate Level #AE505

Length 100cm (39.37") / Width 18cm (7.09") / Height 74cm (29.13")

List price....$389.99.....Our price....$269.99

Paint set.....$12.49
Includes 6 bottles of Model Shipways Acryilic paints: 1ea. Black, Bulwarks Red, Gold, True Blue and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat.

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MODEL SHIP Here is something a little different, a half hull model of the Indiscret above. The panel supplied is much nicer grain than the one shown in the pictures. Again, as most of Aeropiccola's kits, the hull is single or double planked with the second layer walnut, your choice. All necessary fittings, complete plans and instructions are included with laser cut parts.

Entry Level #AE548

Length 36cm (14.17") / Width 3.5cm (1.38") / Height 26.2cm (10.31")
Supplied back board: 40cm x 60cm (15.75" x 23.62")

List price.....$119.99 Our price....$89.99

Paint set.....$9.99
Includes bottles of Model Shipways Acryilic paints: 1ea. Black, Bulwarks Red, Gold, True Blue and 1ea. Clear Protective Coat.

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AEROPICCOLA MAYFLOWER SHIP MODEL On September 16, 1620 the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth harbor in England under the command of an ole whaler, carrying abut hundred passengers and a crew of fifty sailors, a huge load of furniture and domestic tools, goats and chickens, salted meat, vegetables, bread and other foodstuffs, including several casks of beer.

Due to the navigational mistakes of an inexperienced pilot, the Mayflower passed the norther borders of Virginia by a least two hundred miles, and landed at the end of a long peninsula shaped like a fishing hook, Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

William Brad ford described this event with a few unforgettable lines:

"After crossing the vast ocean and a sea of misfortunes... they found neither friends to welcome them, nor hostels where to rest and refreshen their tired bodies, nor houses nor still any villages where to take shelter ..... they were told that if they were not going to find a suitable place soon they would have been landed with all their goods. However, these fathers' sons would have rightly said one day : "Our Fathers, the English who crossed the vast ocean, were ready to die in this savage world, but they prayed to God, and God listened to their voices giving heed to their adversities."

Aeropiccola's kit of the Mayflower is double plank-on-bulkhead construction with laser cut bulkheads. All materials are furnished with many fittings in metal and brass as well as Aeropiccola's patented wood fibre. Excellent 1 to 1 plans and instructions make for an easy and enjoyable construction project. Sail cloth and stand shown in pictures are included.

Intermediate Level #AE610

Length 80cm (31.5") / Width 33cm (12.99") / Height 64cm (25.2")

List price....$389.99.....Our Price.....$269.99

Paint set.....$26.99
Includes 13 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 2ea. Primer 1ea. White, Bulwarks Red, Black, Tallow, Bulwarks Green, Bright Green, True Blue, Gold, Walnut Stain, and 2ea. Clear Protective Coat.

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MODEL SHIP H.M.S. Prince, a first rank three decker with an armanment of 100 guns, was built in 1670 under the reign of Charles II Stuart. According to a law of the time for building large vessels, a scale prototype had to be submitted to the Admiralty and the Sovereign for approval prior to construction. This is how the shipyard model of H.M.S. Prince has been preserved to this day and is now exhibited in the Science Museum of South Kensington/London. Unfortunately, very little information is known about the life of this beautiful vessel.

This Aeropiccola kit is single plank on bulkhead construction. Looking at the pictures you can see a good example of all their patented wood fiber parts. The whole stern section where you see gold, and most other gold fittings are wood fiber castings. A fret saw or jeweler's saw is necessary for cutting these out of the sheets. All materials and fittings including many wood fiber, metal, rigging line etc. are included. They even give you pre-curved filler blocks of wood fiber which eliminate a lot of filing and sanding. Excellent plans with instructions and colors needed are included, . Sail cloth is not included with this kit, but the pictured stand is.

Intermediate Level #AE530

Length 55cm (21.65") / Width 23cm (9.06") / Height 50cm (19.69") / Scale 1:140

List price....199.99 Our price....$159.99

Paint set.....$19.99
Includes 10 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints: 1ea primer, Spanish Brown, Tallow, Bulwarks Red, Black, True Blue, Bulwarks Brown, Gray, Gold, and 1ea. Clear Protective Coat.

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SHIP MODEL The Serapis was an English frigate specially equipped to serve as an escort ship. She is famous for a battle fought near Cape Flamborough, England with the Bonne Homme Richard which was purchased from the French by the Americans and captained by John Paul Jones.

The kit is either double or single plank on bulkhead, your choice. Walnut strips to do a second planking are included. Bulkheads are laser cut. Some pieces must be cut from stamped sheets using a fret saw or jewelers saw. All wooden and metal fittings required for complete assembly are included along with instructions and a full set of excellent 1:1 scale detailed plans.

Advanced Level #AE504

Length 110cm (43.31") / Width 36cm (14.17") / Height 83cm (32.68")

List price.....$599.99.....Our price.....$399.99

Paint set.....$24.49
Includes 12 bottles of Model Shipways Acrylic paints, 2ea. Primer, Copper, 1ea. Black, Bulwarks Green, Bulwarks Red, Flesh, Yellow Ochre, Medium Gray and 2ea Clear Protective Coat.

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H.M.S. Swift 1778

s-ae503.JPG - 7908 Bytes According to a manuscript of the British Admiralty, the brigantine H.M.S. Swift was built in America during 1778. At that time two brigantines named Swift were serving the British Navy, one of them being the American ship. Most probably the original name of it was Middleton. When the ship landed in the Deptford Shipyard in England, it had been sailing the seas for a long time with a 40 man crew including officers, and carried a life-boat and armament consisting of ten 3lb. guns. The ship was thought to be too heavily loaded and having too many sails, so both its armament and masting were revised and cut down. (see ArtesaniaLatinae Swift kit)

Aeropiccola's kit is of the original configuration. It is meant to be single plank on bulkhead, but if the modeler chooses to have a natural finish instead of painting, walnut strips are supplied for a second planking layer.
All necessary materials are furnished including laser cut wood parts, 10 brass cannons, rigging line, photo-etched brass, copper and white metal fittings, special pre-formed wood fibre parts including life boat(patented),and 6 sheets of plans with instruction manual. A COMPLETE SET OF PRE-SEWN SAILS and the MOUNTING STAND shown in the picture are also included in this kit.

Entry Level #AE503. (Note: we classify this kit as entry level because of the ease of planking this particular hull type. The modeler should have modeling experience because of the amount of detail and rigging involved.)

Length overall 88cm (34.65") / Width 26cm (10.24") / Scale 1:35

List Price.....$249.99.....Our Price.....$179.99

Paint Set.....$17.99
Includes 9 bottles Model Shipways Acrylic Paints: 2ea Primer, 1ea. Black, Tallow. Bulwarks Red, True Blue, White, Gold Trim and 1ea. Clear Protective Coast.

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