Up until now, we have featured primarily wood ship model kits. However, the kits listed here are without a doubt the finest most detailed wooden aircraft kits manufactured anywhere. Model Airways is a division of Model Shipways, and they have done a fine job in creating these museum quality models. We hope you find them to your liking, as we feel they deserve to be presented here. We are also including an excellent new kit by Amati, MONOPLANE BLERIOT XI 1909.

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NIEUPORT 28 - 1917
Eddie Rickenbacker's Favorite Fighter

s-nieuporta.jpg - 0 Bytes Model Airways has gone to great lengths to recreate this legendary World War I fighter. They have designed their Nieuport 28 from original plans, photographs and restored aircraft on display in several museums. The historically accurate model reproduces virtually every detail of the real airplane. The open framework allows for authentic detailing and shows the intricacies of construction.


  • Over 190 laser cut basswood and birch plywood parts for ribs, fuselage and other wooden components.
  • Hundreds of finely cast Britannia metal, copper, aluminum, brass and rubber parts make up the instrument panel, fuel tank, turnbuckles, ailerons, struts, compression bar, stabilizers, machine guns, wheels, tires and more.
  • A perfectly scaled rotary engine- complete with cylinders, distributor, spark plugs and crankcase- is also assembled from Britannia metal castings.
  • Three sheets of plans and an explicitly illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual will assist novice and expert modelers in the completion of a museum quality model.

Intermediate Level ...#MA1002

Wingspan 20/Fuselage 15-3/4/Scale 1:16 Scale 1:16 (3/4 = 1 ft.)

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