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Since 1905, BlueJacket Ship Crafters have been in the ship modeling business and creating some of the finest kits found anywhere. They offer both plank-on-bulkhead, plank-on-frame, and solid hull kits. Their solid hulls are carved from laminated basswood so there will be no warping or cracking, and these are found in the majority of their large kits. BlueJacket rates ease of construction of their kits through three experience levels, Ensign, Captain, and Admiral. They further divide these levels into thirds. The Ensign kits are fine for those with little or no experience, the Atlantic only for those most experienced modelers. When you click on one of the small pictures below you will be taken to large pictures of each model. At the top of these pictures you will see BlueJackets difficulty rating for that particular kit.




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Atlantic Alfred was converted from a merchantman into a light frigate and became the first flagship of the new Continental Navy in 1775, flying the Grand Union flag of the United Colonies. This was John Paul Jones' first command.

The kit is for well experienced modelers. It is a solid hull kit and has all the challenges of square riggers. The instruction book is a textbook on the details of 18th century naval design and outfitting based on the research of Larry Arnot.

Length 18-1/2" / Scale 1/8"

model ships Price........$330.0023 BUYNOW

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Atlantic After being launched in New York in 1851, the America crossed the Atlantic and challenged the entire fleet of England's Royal Yacht Squadron. She won, and was awarded a silver trophy that was to become known as the America's Cup, the most cherished prize in the world of sailing.

This is a plank-on-frame kit, and for advanced modelers only. The interior framework is meticulously detailed, and you can use your own imagination and omit some of the exterior planking to show this fine detail.

Length 35" / Scale 1/4"

model ships Price........$375.0023 BUYNOW

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Schooner Atlantic

Winner of the 1905 Kaiser's Cup

AtlanticBuilt in 1903, the sleek, black, steel-hulled ATLANTIC not only won the prestigious trans-Atlantic race...she set a record for a sailing vessel, unbeaten until 1997, of 12 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds. Powered by a steam auxiliary engine, she sported a special low-drag propeller and a folding funnel, both of which were removed for racing.

An updated version of the original Boucher kit, designed in 1934, BlueJacket's new ATLANTIC has a machine-carved basswood hull, finely-cast Britannia pewter and etched brass fittings, wood, sheet styrene and all other needed materials. The clearly written instructions and the redrawn plans make it easy for even the less experienced modeler to produce a striking and impressive model.

Length 28 1/2" / Height 20 1/2" / Scale 1/8" = 1"

model ships Price........$340.0023 BUYNOW

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U.S.S. Constitution

U.S.S. CONSTITUTIONBlueJacket's U.S.S. CONSTITUTION kit is the flagship of their model fleet. Depicted as she appeared during her most glorious years, 1812-1815, she has been updated for the ship's 200th birthday by designer Larry Arnot, incorporating the latest findings from his on-going research.

Launched in 1797, the CONSTITUTION spent more time at sea and won more battles during her 58 years in front-line service than any other American warship. Her achievements in combat during the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812 earned her the nickname "Old Ironsides," even though her hull was constructed of wood.

Larry Arnot, author of both the plans and the instructions in their kit, spent years researching and studying the CONSTITUTION. Using the archives of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum, he examined ancient repair records and invoices, studied the ship's logs, interviewed the ship's maintenance crew, and took countless measurements on board to create a model of the CONSTITUTION as she was during her most outstanding years. He was so successful that this kit was named "The Official Kit of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum."

The carved basswood hull is solid to the gundeck, which leaves you two decks to completely fit out! You may wish to leave off some of the spar deck planking so the ship's interior will be open to view. An extra planking set is available below for planking above the gun deck.

The kit contains over 2,600 fittings of brass and Britannia pewter. They include: boarding pikes, 12 photo-etched crewsheads, 7 photo-etched brass gratings, 18 swivel guns, a 10 piece set of pewter quarter galleries, 54 guns and carronades with carriages, a photo-etched brass transom with 17 cast ornaments...the list goes on and on. The 120 page instruction book contains over 100 line drawings and photographs, plus notes on every aspect of the ship and its construction. You receive 20 different sizes of scale rigging cord and a full set of detailed plans (3 sheets)

Length 40" / Height 28" / Scale 1/8" = 1'

model ships Price........$685.0023 BUYNOW

#W1018.2 Planking Set.......$20.0023BUYNOW

If you wish to sheath the hull below the water line with copper plating, scale plates are available with 104 diamond-shaped spikeheads photo-etched onto each plate for unmatched realism. These plates have a dull finish, so there is no need to spray them. Sold in packages of 300 (covers approx. 40 sq"), it will take approximately 10 packs for the CONSTITUTION.

#F3430....Price $190.00/10 packs.23BUYNOW

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310' Destroyer

U.S.S. CONSTITUTIONThe four-piper U.S.S. Ward was the first American ship to sink an enemy vessel in WWII. Her sister ship, U.S.S. Reuben James, was the first U>S> destroyer lost in action. H.M.S. Campbelltown rammed the dry dock gates in the dramatic raid on St. Nazaire. Of the 273 four-pipers built, no two were exactly the same even though their distinctive silhouette made them unmistakable.

This is a solid hull kit for advanced modelers.


Length 39-1/2" / Scale 1/8"

model ships Price........$365.0023 BUYNOW

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80' Elco PT Boat

PT BOATJohn Kennedy's PT-109 is the one we all remember, but over 800 PT Boats were built. These sleek and deadly wooden boats served in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters. BlueJacket's kit is designed by author and model builder Dr. Al Ross, and portrays a typical 1942 80' Elco PT Boat. This kit is recommended for intermediate to advanced builders. You should determine in advance whether to use a gray paint scheme for the European theater or green camouflage for Pacific island hopping, because the construction method involves painting each subassembly before putting the whole boat together.

This is a solid hull kit with a large number of very small parts, and delicate detailing is required. It is recommended for intermediate or advanced builders.

Length 20" / Scale 1/4"

model ships Price........$315.0023 BUYNOW

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Fannie A. Gorham

FANNIE A. GORHAMLaunched in 1881 in Belfast, Me. the Gorham was built for the coastal trade, carrying lumber and other cargo from New England to southern ports. BlueJacket built and finished a model of this ship for the grandson of the captain when she was "lost at sea with all hands."

This is a solid hull kit for the intermediate builder, and is an unusual and interesting subject for any modeler with her off center main mast, centerboard and shallow draft.


Length 24-1/2" / Scale 1/8"

model ships Price........$265.0023 BUYNOW

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Monitor & Merrimac (Virginia)

FANNIE A. GORHAMIn July of 1861, the Confederate Navy began converting the partly-burned hull of the captured Union wooden steam frigate MERRIMACK to an ironclad.
Rechristened VIRGINIA, she set forth in March, 1862 to do battle against the blockading U.S. Navy fleet, eventually meeting her match, the MONITOR
The kit contains a pre-carved hull of basswood, accurate plans, a detailed instruction manual, finely cast BlueJacket Britannia pewter fittings, and all the other parts you'll need.

Designed and built by John Ericsson, the U.S.S. MONITOR became the model for an entire class of 60 gunboats, now know generically as "monitors." Her unique low hull, presenting a small target, was sheathed in 1" iron plate. The rotating gun turret permitted firing in all directions while underway.
BlueJacket's kit contains detailed comprehensive instructions, accurate plans, a pre-carved hull of basswood, a history of the vessel, etched brass and cast fittings, plus all the wood required to complete the model,

Length 17-1/2" / Scale 1/16"=1'

model ships Price........$110.0023 BUYNOW

Length 10-3/4" / Scale 1/16"=1'

model ships Price........$70.0023 BUYNOW

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Jefferson Davis

jefferson davisJEFFERSON DAVIS was one of the most famous of the swift patrol vessels. She is one of the Campbell class of 14 revenue cutters which has been described as the "ultimate Baltimore clipper," square topsail schooners.

This is a plank-on-frame model for well experienced modelers. The rugged 1/4" basswood frames are closely spaced as in actual ship construction allowing plenty of bearing surface for a smooth planking job. The frames are pre-beveled to ensure easy clamping and a fair lay to the planking. This is an impressive and beautiful model.

Length 35-1/2" / Scale 7/32"

model ships Price........$390.0023 BUYNOW

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Lackawanna Sea-Going Tug The LACKAWANNA worked the East Coast, pulling barges of coal from Pennsylvania to the industrial centers to the south and the northeast. She was painted white to show off the clean burning qualities of the hard anthracite coal she burned, and her yacht-like appearance made her stand out among her fellow workboats.
BluJackets's Lackawanna represents the state of the art in kit manufacturing. From the pre-carved basswood hull to the specially designed photo-etched brass pilothouse and deck plates, cast brass ventilators and propeller, accuracy and quality have been the primary concerns. With a 20 page instruction book and over 40 fine Britannia metal castings, wood, rigging cord and decorative flags, this kit will let you produce one of the most interesting small steamer models we have ever seen.

Length 17-1/2" / Height 9-1/4" / Scale 1/8"=1'

model ships Price........$285.0023 BUYNOW

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LV # 112

model ship This great new model by BlueJacket portrays LV #12 NANTUCKET as she was built in 1936 in Wilmington, Delaware, with the tall steam-boiler stack. Reduced plans showing her present configuration are included in the instruction booklet.

The kit includes pre-carved basswood hull, cast Britannia and etched brass fittings plus other high quality materials needed to build this great model ship.


Length 18 1/2" / Beam 3 3.4" / Height 12" / Scale 1/8" = 1'

model ships Price........$345.0023 BUYNOW

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Lobster Boat
Radio Control
lobsterLobster boat racing has become a tradition on the Maine coast. Fishermen (and women) work hard, and play hard. In response to the requests from this colorful group of people, BlueJacket has developed a R/C model that appeals to all. Their kit comes complete with fiberglas hull, all materials for decking, cockpit, lobster traps and Britannia metal fittings. Most of the wood parts are laser cut. All running gear, i.e. propeller, shaft, stuffing box, etc. is supplied.




Lenth 33" / Scale 1"

model ships Price........$435.0023 BUYNOW

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Mary Taylor
Mary TaylorWith the emergence of New York as the nation's greatest seaport in the 19th Century, a new type of vessel appeared -- The New York pilot boat. Speed and maneuverability were of the essence, as the fiercely competitive pilots raced to be the first to greet each incoming ship.

In this struggle for piloting fees, the schooner Mary Taylor was a formidable contender, as she was unusually fast - - no wonder, since she was designed by George Steers, who later made history as the designer of the most famous yacht in the world...America!

BlueJacket's kit is a revised (and rescaled) version of a 1/8" scale kit last sold by BlueJacket in the early 1980's. Now in 3/16" scale, it is an excellent small model for the less experienced builder, providing an interesting subject for any modeler.

The kit includes full sized plans, complete instructions, a pre-carved basswood hull, photo-etched brass and finely-cast Britannia pewter fittings, colorful laser-printed flags, rigging line and all the other materials you need to complete a beautiful model of this handsome little schooner.

Length 20" / Height 18 1/2" / Scale 3/16"=1'

model ships Price........$185.0023 BUYNOW

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notman Blue Jacket's newest model, the CHARLES P. NOTMAN, known as #1, was the first major vessel built at the famed Percey & Small Shipyard (1894), Bath, Maine. She is of a type described as a four masted downeast schooner, 219.3' LOA.

An exceptionally handsome model, this kit is our first major plank on laser cut bulkhead model in several years, 41" long. Our kit contains a great deal of etched brass, laser cut wood (labeled), detailed instructions and complete plans. A companion CD consisting of over a hundred construction JPEGS is also available. Designed by Dr. Al Ross, with technical input by Capt. Doug Lee, Schooner Heritage, Rockland, ME, her authenticity and attention to detail is assured.

# K1894
Length 41" / Scale: 1/8"

model ships Price........$650.0023 BUYNOW

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Mary Taylor SMUGGLER, an 1877 Glouster schooner is one of BlueJacket's most popular models. A superb 96 page instruction manual by the renowned Erik Ronnberg Jr., coupled with her large 1/4" scale and fine laminated basswood hull, make this an ideal kit for the less experienced modeler who wishes to build a model that contains remarkable authenticity and detail. One 5" seine dory is included in the kit


Length 33" / Scale 1/4"

model ships Price........$340.0023 BUYNOW

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Liberty Ship S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien
S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIENAuthorized by the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, production of these sturdy freighters was dramatically speeded after Pearl Harbor---over 2500 were built in the next three years. The LIBERTY SHIP gave gallant service in all theatres of World War II and served the growing needs of the post-war world.

BlueJacket's model is based on the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien, the surviving (and functional) LIBERTY that recently saw action at the 50th anniversary of D_Day. With a pre-carved basswood hull and all other parts and essential materials of the highest quality, the kit makes a rewarding project for the builder with some experience with models of modern ships.

Noted warship historian and modeler Alan Raven has done a fine job creating precisely drawn plans and a clearly written instruction manual. The manual provides you with line drawings of some of the most challenging deck particulars, suggests paint colors, and guides you through the steps to completion.

Length 27-1/2" / Scale 1/16" = 1'

model ships Price........$390.0023 BUYNOW

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T-2 Tanker
S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIENSeveral hendred turbo-electric drive tankers of this design were built during WWII. Construction of these vessels was standardized to meet our country's need for maximum production during the war years. After valiantly supplying our troops during the war, the T-2 served as the backbone of the commercial tanker industry for many years.

BlueJacket's kit can be built to either wartime or peacetime configuraions, the modeler's choice, with plans and details for many shipping companies provided.

Length 32-1/2" / Scale 1/16"

model ships Price........$400.0023 BUYNOW

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Fletcher- Class Destroyer

U.S.S. KIDDA stirring reminder of action at sea, U.S.S. Kidd is the epitome of all Fletcher-class destroyers, the foremost type of destroyer in World War II. She incorporated many improvements over the earlier Fletchers, making her the most efficient and effective vessel of the destroyer fleet. After proving her abilities, she joined Task Force 58 for the invasion of Okinawa, bombarding key targets, sinking floating mines, providing warning of air raids, and shooting down kamikazes.

The late professional modeler and historian Allen Baker chose carefully when he selected the square-bridged KIDD for his exact replica. Because the KIDD carried every weapon ever put onboard a Fletcher in World War II, this kit allows you to build the Fletcher-class destroyer of your choice!

We believe this is the most accurate and comprehensive World War II naval model available. BlueJacket supplies everything required to build the U.S.S. KIDD except paint, glue, and tools.

You receive precisely drawn plan sheets, a pre-carved basswood hull, handmade basswood superstructures, 200 finely-cast britannia pewter fittings, 175 photo-etched brass parts, plus a clearly written 30-page instruction booklet. This model can easily be built in a small space.

An exciting and rewarding project for intermediate and advanced modelers.

Length 23-1/2" / Scale 1/16" = 1'

model ships Price........$365.0023 BUYNOW

U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts, DE413

Butler-Class Destroyer Escort

U.S.S. MAINE Bluejacket's model is based on a design of Mr. Bill Hudson, with revised plans and instructions by famed WWII modeler and author Dr. Al Ross. Dr. Ross has created a model that is one of the most exquisitely detailed and accurate models ever offered. The kit contains a basswood hull, cast pewter fittings, laser cut wood parts, and a great deal of etched brass. The kit is in 1/16" scale to complement BlueJacket's models of the U.S.S. KIDD and U.S.S. GAMBIER BAY.


Length 19" / Scale 1/16"

model ships Price........$330.0023 BUYNOW

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By popular demand, BlueJacket has reintroduced the Portland, a beautiful 36" sidewheeler model. She was always popular, but they withdrew if from the market because of the difficulties involved with cutting her 5 decks, windows, etc. Now with laser cut parts she is a much improved kit. She is spectacular with her full -sized brass radials and above-deck walking-beam machinery.


Length 36" / Scale 1/8"

model ships Price........$590.0023 BUYNOW

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Red Jacket

portland RED JACKET was probably the best known and most beautiful of the extreme clippers launched in 1853 (the golden year of the clippership era). Proof of the fine sailing ability of RED JACKET is the fact that she is one of only 10 sailing ships to ever exceed a passage of over 400 nautical miles made good in a 24 hour time period. On her maiden voyage she set a record for commercial sailing vessels which stands to this day, New York to Liverpool in 13 days, 1 hour and 25 minutes.

BlueJacket's kit is designed for expert modelers. Her plans are the finest available, based upon the most current research. The kit contains their famous carved hull, along with a great deal of etched brass, pewter fittings, etc.

Length 41" / Scale 1/8"

model ships Price........$630.0023 BUYNOW

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Victory Ship

Mid - 1940s

Victory ShipThe VICTORY SHIP made its appearance late in the war and was designed to replace the emergency Liberty ship. Larger and equipped with more powerful and modern engines than the Liberty ships, more than 500 were built, forming the backbone of the post-war U.S. Merchant Marine and serving under many foreign flags.

A re-release of the original 1946 Boucher kit, the VICTORY SHIP has been completely upgraded, the plans cleaned up and new instructions written. The kit includes a machine carved hull, Britannia metal and brass fittings, wood, wire and rigging line...all the materials you need to create an unusual and beautiful model cargo ship. Recommended for intermediate and experienced modelers.

Item #K1008
Length 27 1/2" / Scale 1/16" = 1'

model ships Price........$365.0023 BUYNOW

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Star of the classic film "Captains Courageous"

s-k1009.jpg - 0 Bytes BlueJacket's only kit of a fictional vessel. WE'RE HERE is an accurate model of a typical Gloucester fishing schooner. Her name will be familiar to those who remember the 1937 movie, based on Kipling's novel, starring Spencer Tracy and Freddy Bartholemew.

WE'RE HERE is an excellent choice for the beginning wooden ship modeler. It is a handsome, medium-sized model. The beautifully-drawn plans and clear, comprehensive instruction booklet provide information for the more experienced modeler who wants to add the myriad telling details that mark the work of a creative craftsman.

The kit comes with a pre-carved basswood hull, many brass and finely-cast Britannia metal fittings and all the wood stock and rigging supplies you need to complete an interesting and graceful Grand Banker.

Length 23" / Height 18" / Scale 1/8"=1'

model ships Price........$225.0023 BUYNOW

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Cape Cod Catboat

Cape Cod CatboatThe CATBOAT has been recognized as one of the true American boats. Its most successful version was developed for the difficult fishing and lobstering conditions along Massachusetts' Cape Cod. The crew of one or two men worked as much as 30 miles offshore in shallow waters with strong tides and, when done, raced to market with their catch. the boats had to be shoal-draft, fast, seaworthy, weatherly, handy and inexpensive.

BlueJackets model is plank-on-bulkhead construction, with mahogany and basswood laser-cut parts. Material for planking, cabin, deck, center board and spars, as well as rigging line and sailcloth, is included, along with all needed fittings, display cradle and instructions.

Length 20" / Scale 3/4"=1'

model ships Price........$160.0023 BUYNOW

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Dark Harbor 17

Dark Harbor This 81 year old design may be the oldest active racing sloop class in this country. Designed by B.B. Crowninshield in 1906, the boat's continuing popularity lies in its ability to outsail many newer designs.

The model features plank-on-bulkhead construction in basswood and mahogany. Because of its simple hull form and rig, the model is surprisingly easy to build and makes and impressive display model or a fun pond sailer.

One of The BlueJackets most popular older kits, the DARK HARBOR has been redesigned to take advantage of laser-cutting technology. As supplied the kit will let you build a display model of the original gaff-rigged boat and includes all wood material needed, fittings of Britannia metal and brass, cordage and sailcloth, with updated instructions and full sized plans..

Length 27" / Scale 1'=1'

model ships Price........$199.0023 BUYNOW

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Herreshoff 12 1/2

Herreshoff 12 1/2Drawn up in 1914 by famed designer Nathaniel Herreshoff for yachtsmen who wanted a training sailboat for their children, this "Buzzard's Bay Boys' Boat," as he called it, has never lost its popularity. Also known as the "Doughdish," over 3000 have been built, in wood and fiberglass, with gaff and Marconi sails.

The BlueJacket kit faithfully reproduces this easy-to-handle, stable boat as Herreshoff envisioned it, and is a good choice for those who wish to learn to build a plank-on-bulkhead model. Laser-cut basswood and mahogany parts, all fittings, rigging, sailcloth and a display stand are supplied, with clear illustrated instructions.

Length 17" / Scale 1"=1'

model ships Price........$145.0023 BUYNOW

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Grand Banks Dory

grand banks doryRemember Captains Courageous? On the tumultuous seas of the Grand Banks off northern New England, hardy cod fishermen set their hooked lines from these seemingly fragile cockleshells. Far tougher than the look, GRAND BANKS DORIES were built with wide boards and were designed to nest one inside another on the decks of the mother schooner. Built exactly the same way as the full-sized boats, the BlueJacket kit includes illustrated instructions created with the inexperienced builder in mind. Complete with all materials and a display cradle; most frames and planks are laser-cut.


Length 16" / Scale 1'=1'

model ships Price........$90.0023 BUYNOW

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Lincolnville Wherry

LINCOLNVILLE WHERRYBuilt to an ancient design probably brought from Europe by the first settlers, these practical small boats were ideal for the in -shore salmon fishery that helped support the community of Duck Trap, Maine (now called Lincolnville) during the 19th Century

Wherries were primarily used to set the weirs or salmon nets, and to bring the trapped fish to shore. Full at the end, they made stable working platforms for setting net anchors and hauling nets. Thin lapstrake planking on naturally curved cedar ribs made them unusually light and strong.

The BlueJacket kit, designed by Steven Bailey and Robert Eddy, is the miniature duplicate of a surviving LINCOLNVILLE WHERRY in the collection of the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine.

The kit includes laser-cut planks, thwarts and a building jig, ensuring ease and accuracy of construction. The kit includes all other material needed to complete the model as shown, full sized plans, clear illustrated instructions and a display cradle..everything you need except paint and glue

Length 15 3/4" / Scale 1"= 1'

model ships Price........$105.0023 BUYNOW

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Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack

smackThis hardworking ancestor of the Friendship sloop was the basic near-shore fishing boat preferred by the lobstermen of Muscongus Bay, a body of water known for contrary winds, strong tides and numerous rocky ledges. The fine detailing and accurate construction make this kit a dramatic display model. This intermediate plank-on-bulkhead model includes many laser cut parts, all necessary planking materials, fittings, rigging cord and sailcloth.

Length 46" / Scale 1-1/2"

model ships Price........$260.0023 BUYNOW

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Swampscott Dory

doryThe aristocrats of their clan, SWAMPSCOTT DORIES were the most highly refined variant of the dory type ever made. Originally built for inshore fishing and lobstering along the coast of Massachusetts, their speed, ease of handling and seaworthiness soon made them popular as recreational sailboats. Developed when wide clear pine boards were cheap and plentiful, the SWAMPSCOTT DORY had only four strakes (planks) to a side, saving labor and permitting rapid construction. BlueJackets model shares these characteristics - - it is simple and quick to build. The kit is complete with laser-cut frames, planks, transom and centerboard, mahogany thwarts, sailcloth, rigging line and all necessary fittings. A good kit for an inexperienced builder, it is satisfying for any modeler. Display cradle included.

Length 18" / Scale 1"=1'

model ships Price........$105.0023 BUYNOW

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