This is the RANGER II N, 2-Channel AM Radio from Hitec.
  • 2-Channel, 2-Stick Ergonomic Design
  • Super-Heterodyne Digital Proportional For Extra Long Range
  • Interchangable Crystals
  • All-Channel Servo Reversing
  • Charger Connector For Optional NiCads and NiCad Charger
  • Low Battery Warning
  • LED Indicator
  • Neutral Position Adjustment For Throttle (Ordinarily The Resting Position For The Throttle Stick Is In The Middle Of The Stick Travel. With This Feature, The Stick Can Function This Way, Or It Can Divide The Travel 70/30, Since You Need More Motion To Control The Throttle Than To Control The Brake.)
  • All SMT Circuitry (Surface Mount Technology)
  • BEC Receiver Heavy Duty Servo Horns, Standard Size Servos
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • One Ranger II N Transmitter
  • One HP-2RNB Receiver HRCL1100(27MHz) or HRCL1200(75MHz)
  • Two HS-311 Servos HRCM1312
  • One Crystal for Rx HRCL21**(27MHz) or HRCL25**(75MHz)
  • One Battery Box and Switch
  • Frequency Flags
  • Instruction booklet
  • Receiver: 53x35x19mm (2.1x0.8x1.4"), 28g (0.99 oz.)
  • Servo: speed: 0.19sec/60 deg.
  • torque: 3.0 kg-cm (41.66 oz-in)
  • 12 AA batteries (8 for transmitter, 4 for Receiver), may use SANP3500 SANP3501 COMMENTS: If using NiCad batteries, consider the optional nicad charger: HRCP3025. This radio is available on 27 or 75MHz. The Tx crystal is not available at the time of this writing. kh01-19-02 updt jxs 3/12/04 updt wm 1/07/04

    model ships HRCL1100 27MHz............$59.9923 BUYNOW

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