model boat Because the metal dome over its deck looked like a turtle’s shell, this type of Korean warship was called a turtle ship. Hundreds of sharp swords protruding from the dome kept any enemy from boarding the ship. A large dragon’s head at the bow made it appear even more terrifying. Numerous cannon, positioned behind small openings at the sides and one in the bow were used for firepower.

An authentic replica, this kit uses many of the materials found on the original vessel. PLANK-ON-FRAME CONSTRUCTION. Fine woods include pine, cherry and birch. Brass armor plating covers the dome. Other fittings consist of brass eyebolts, rings and swords, and 10 burnished metal cannon. Two diameters of rigging, colorful silk tassels, silk-screened flags and pre-sewn sails add life-like detail. Laser cut wooden parts fit together with ease. Clearly drawn plans and detailed instructions take you to an easy finish. Intermediate Level #INT101
Length 15” / Height 13” / Scale 1:100

model ships ....... $119.99

Paint set.....$5.99
Includes 3 bottles...1ea. MS4839 Primer, MS4830 Black, MS4972 Clear

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