There is a certain mystique attached to operating steam engines that is shared by no other form of motive power. Now you can experience this feeling with this kit. This new engine is pre-assembled and can be made operable in less than an hour. This item is NOT recommended for children without adult supervision! The kit features a completely pre-assembled single cylinder oscillating engine with a cast bronze mainframe with brass bushings and machined brass flywheel, piston and cylinder assembly. a completely pre-soldered vertical boiler made from copper components with brass exhaust stack, pressure relief valve, brass boiler jacket and bands, insulation material and mahogany lagging and a 3" x 5" mahogany base for mounting or display. The engine is designed for easy operation. The boiler holds 3 ounces of tap water, uses "Sterno" for fuel, and runs for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Specially Designed for R/C Use in:
Midwest's Elliott Bay Steam Launch kit (Stock #MW988)
Midwest's Fantail Launch II kit (Stock #MW958)
Other boat models measuring less than 30" long

Length 5"/Height 7 1/2"/Width 3"
Bore 3/8"/Stroke 1/2"/Estimated boat speed 3-4 knots

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