Note: We add clear protective coat to all paint sets. This will help protect your finished kit, and enough is included to cover all exposed surfaces, masts, fittings, etc. We still recommend displaying your kit in an enclosed display case.



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ship modelThe steam packet Chaperon was built for trade traffic at Chambersburg, Ohio in 1884. At that time river shipping was inexpensive. A bushel of coal was carried from Pittsburgh to New Orleans for the price of a first class postage stamp. But, the Ohio River was shallow during the summer and often choked by ice in the winter. This made steamboat travel seasonal and delays frequent.

In 1906, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the Green River Lock and Dam 6, just downstream from Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave. Chaperon was the first boat of its kind to pass through the new locks. In addition to hauling cargo, she ran sightseeing excursions between Bowling Green and Mammoth Cave during the summer months. Sold just before WWI, Chaperon sailed the Tallahatchie River until fire destroyed her in 1922.

The model you’ll build from Model Shipways’ kit will be a historically accurate and perfectly scaled replica almost three feet long. An amazing number of laser-cut basswood and limewood parts make up the hull, superstructure, paddlewheel, gangplank and railings. A photo-etched brass sheet provides incredible ornamental detail. Other brass parts include bell, eyebolts, cleats and nails. Ready-to-use Britannia metal lifeboat, lanterns, capstan and whistle, hardwood blocks and three diameters of rigging line add life-like authenticity. Six sheets of plans and clear assembly instructions pave the way to a magnificent model.

Intermediate Level.....#MS2190
Length 34-1/2"/ Beam 7-1/2"/ Height: 12" Scale 1/4"=1’ (1:48)

model ships .............$399.99 BUYNOW

Paint Set........$35.49 23 BUYNOW

Includes.....9 1oz. bottles. 4ea. MS4839 Primer, 1ea. MS4830 Black, 3ea. MS4831 White, 1ea. MS4802 Bulwarks Red.

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MODEL SHIP The Niagara is a new model of a U.S. Brig of 1813. The Battle of Lake Erie took place on September 10, 1813, with commodore Oliver Hazard Perry commanding the American fleet. After three hours, Perry was forced to abandon his flagship, the Lawrence. In a daring move, he was rowed a half mile through heavy gunfire to the Niagara, from which he continued the attack. His decisive victory over the British ensured American control of the Great Lakes during the War of 1812.

Model Shipways kit is a faithful representation of the reconstructed Niagara, now the centerpiece of a new maritime museum in Erie, PA. Model design is based on research and plans for the 1990 reconstruction, provided by Melbourne Smith of the International Historical Watercraft Society in Annapolis, MD. Laser cut basswood parts facilitate plank-on-bulkhead construction. Individual basswood strips cover the hull, and we provide six filler blocks to make the job easier. True-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings assure scale accuracy. Eighteen cast metal carronades and two long guns duplicate the armament of the original vessel. Rigging materials include over 600 blocks and deadeyes and four diameters of rigging line. Six sheets of detailed plans and 40 page illustrated instruction manual by Ben Lankford clarify every phase of construction.

Intermediate level #MS2240
Length 36-1/2" / Height 24-1/2" / Scale 3/16" = 1" (1:64)

model ships ............$399.99 BUYNOW

Paint Set........$51.47 23 BUYNOW

Includes 13 1oz. bottles of paint. 2ea. MS4839 Primer, MS4830 Hull/Spar Black, MS4801 Bulwarks Dark Green, 1ea. MS4831 White, MS4821 Deck House LIght Buff, MS4802 Bulwarks Red, MS4829 Hull Yellow Ochre, MS4828 Iron Cannon Black and 2ea. Clear (Polycrylic Protective Finish)

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model shipDuring her 80 years and 37 voyages, the Charles W. Morgan caught and processed more whales than any other whaling ship in history. built in 1841 at the Hillman brothers Shipyard on the Acushnet River in New Bedford, MA. she was registered at 351 tons. The Morgan was originally built fully ship-rigged, but shortly after the Civil War she was modified to become a double topsail bark. Her whaling days came to an end in 1921 with the decline of whale oil prices. Purchased for Mystic Seaport in 1941, she's now a beautifully restored monument to the men who built and sailed her.

Designed by naval architect Ben Lankford, Model Shipway's it replicates the Charles W. Morgan as a double topsail bark of 1892-1908. Lankford's precise drawings (a set of six) are based on plans for the 1983 restoration provide by Mystic Seaport. A 40 page step-by-step instruction book includes many of the author's own photographs of the reconstructed ship.

Plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser cut basswood for the hull components. Wooden bow and stern filler blocks help you shape the hull, and individual basswood strips allow you to plank it just like the real ship. They supply 75 feet of copper sheathing to cover the hull below the waterline. Wooden yards and masts, 140 deadeyes in three sizes, nearly 200 single and double blocks, four diameters of black running rigging and two of white standing rigging duplicate the rig plan of the original whaler. An assortment of fine metal fittings includes brass ship's bell, belaying pins, eyebolts, split rings, strips, wire and chain. Britannia metal anchors, bilge pump, chocks, cleats, fire door, chimney, and galley stack. Seven whaleboats, to be assembled from laser cut wooden parts, come complete with authentic scale whaling gear.

Advanced level #MS2140
Length 30-3/4" / Height 25" / Scale 3/16"=1'

model ships ............$399.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set........$39.49 23 BUYNOW

Includes 10 1oz. bottles. 2ea. MS4839 Primer, MS4830 Hull/Spar Black, 1ea. MS4821 Hull Yellow Ochre, MS4831 White, MS4825 Deck Light Gray, MS4802 Bulwarks Red, MS4828 Iron Cannon Black and 1ea. Clear (Polycrylic Protective Finish)

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American privateer 1768

model ship Privateers were privately owned vessels whose owners were commissioned by the government to carry on naval warfare. During the 18th century, many small single masted ships were armed and used for privateering. These Chesapeake-built vessels were fast and easily maneuverable with a graceful sheer and a low freeboard.

This new kit from Model Shipways has all the accuracy and detail seasoned modelers crave, yet it's easy enough for a novice to build.
Double plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser cut basswood and walnut parts and planking strips. Britannia metal castings and a host of brass, copper and wooden parts duplicate deck hardware and accessories. Six cannon and eight swivel guns serve as armament. Beech mast, yards and boom, over 200 yards of rigging line in four diameters, plus a variety of walnut deadeyes and blocks assure scale accuracy. Hardwood stock for launching ways is also included.
Seven sheets of meticulously drawn plans and a 40 page step-by-step instruction manual help you create a true museum quality replica.

Entry Level #MS2160
Length 31"/Height 22"/Width (across lower yard) 8-1/4" Scale 1/4" = 1 ft. (1:48)

model ships .............$249.9923 BUYNOW

Paint Set.........$35.49 23 BUYNOW

Includes 9 bottles of Model Shipways paint: 2 ea.MS 4839 Primer; 1 each/MS4830 Black, MS4806 Antique Gold Trim, MS4829 Yellow Ochre, MS4803 Hull Tallow, MS4802 Bulwarks Red, MS4828 Iron/Cannon Black and 1ea. MS4972 Clear protective coat.


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