Viking Navy

The Choice of The Viking Navy

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Viking Ship (Osberg)

Osberg PictureThe 70 ft. long Oseberg was found in Norway near the town of Osberg in 1903. It was buried under many layers of peat and stones, resting on a bed of clay. The oar and sail driven ship was built in the latter half of the 9th century and was buried approximately 50 years later. Historians believe that the Oseberg is nearly 100 years older than any other Viking ship previously discovered. Amati's model is based on this famous 9th century Viking ship.

Plank -on-bulkhead construction features laser cut wood keel, frames and deck. Individual wood strips are provided for hull and deck planking. Wooden mast and yard, sailcloth, cotton rigging line, resin and hardwood fittings. plus authentic figurehead allow you to outfit your model just like the original. Clear plans and detailed instructions make building easy. (Wood display base and pedestals not included.)

Intermediate Level #AM1406
Length 17-1/3" / Scale 1:50

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Paint Set........$18.4923 BUYNOW

Includes 7 bottles: 1ea. MS4839 Primer, MS4831 White, MS4828 Iron Cannon Black, MS4835 Bright Red Trim, MS4969 Light Gold, MS4810 Dark Blue Trim and 1ea. MS4972 Clear